Introducing Bayard Rock NYC!

Mark Schiffer – Head of Research and Philosophy

Bayard Rock, LLC, is a private research and software development company founded in 2010 by Mark Schiffer, Head of Research and Philosophy.

Mark is a Yale and Wharton graduate and anti-money laundering specialist.  Mark Schiffer took Bayard Rock to the AML line of defense, armed with highly effective software that finds the ‘bad guys’ by way of entity resolution. Mark’s patent, ‘Method of ranking politically exposed persons and other heightened risk persons and entity’ is in the Bayard Rock arsenal to fight financial crime.

Mark’s specialties are varied. They include economics, data mining, machine learning, analytics, philosophy, history, SAS, cloud computing, data visualization, and more. Mark has a library at Bayard Rock filled with technical books, philosophy books, world history books, complex mathematics books, business books, etc. Mark continues to impress us with his ability to reference, from memory, a paragraph from most any book in his personal library.

Richard Minerich – Director of Research

Richard Minerich is Bayard Rock’s Director of Research and Development. Rick was recruited by Mark Schiffer in 2010 by way of online community forums. Rick has expertise in F#, C#, C, C++, C++/CLI, .NET (1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5), Object Oriented Design, Functional Design, Entity Resolution, Machine Learning, Concurrency, and Image Processing. He is interested in working on algorithmically/mathematically complex projects and remains open to explore new ideas.

Rick holds 2 patents. The first one, co-invented with a colleague, is titled, ‘Method of Image Analysis Using Sparse Hough Transform’. The other independently held is known as ‘Method for document to template alignment’.

Rick is an F# Microsoft MVP since 2011 and has co-authored ‘Professional F# 2.0′. He is often invited to speak at forums and writes a popular blog about his experiences.

Peter Rosconi – Software Engineer

Peter Rosconi is a Software Engineer that recently joined Bayard Rock from our sister company, Safe Banking Systems, where he worked since 2005. Peter’s specialties include .NET / C# / ASP.NET / Java / JSP / Java EE / HTML / JS / CSS / TSQL and SQL Server 2005 / 2008.

Office Managers

In keeping with the value of a work-life balance, the Bayard Rock Office Managers created a successful job-share system. Together, they have the responsibilities of keeping the office well-stocked, manage vendors, communicate with building management, order catering and perform general office duties.  One works four days a week, and the other works one day a week. Each cover days off for the other as needed.

Helene Cartaina 

Helene Cartaina is with Bayard Rock from day one. As Mark Schiffer’s sister-in-law, she was brought on to help establish the first office.  Helene is raising a young family and found that going back to work for one day a week was the perfect balance for her. Helene is also a Freelance Attorney.

Sue Martin

Sue Martin was brought in to Bayard Rock to staff the office during the remaining four days a week. It is the perfect work-life balance for Sue, who is also raising a family. Sue has a degree in Media Arts and contributes a myriad of her office experiences from American Express Travel, television production and event marketing. Prior to joining Bayard Rock in 2011, Sue authored a book about business in the virtual world.

Sister Company

Bayard Rock is a subsidiary of Holon holding company, based out of Mineola, New York. Holon has one other subsidiary company, Safe Banking Systems LLC. Although two different companies, they work together. Bayard Rock is a research and development team and Safe banking Systems establishes customer relations, manages proof of concept inquiries and product delivery.

Safe Banking Systems was founded nearly fifteen years ago by David M. Schiffer. Yes, David Schiffer and Mark Schiffer are related. They are father and son. Several years ago, Mark was considering a professional move that required a transfer across country.  David convinced his talented son to join him at Safe Banking Systems, keeping him on the east coast. From there, they spawned Bayard Rock where Mark’s passion conducting research would be satisfied.

David Schiffer is the Founder and President of Safe Banking Systems (SBS), based out of Mineola, New York. SBS provides anti-money laundering (AML) and compliance solutions. They specialize in combating financial crime. SBS is a pioneer in innovative solutions and is revered as one of the industry’s leaders in AML. David Schiffer has met with Chief Counsels and investigative teams at both U.S. Senate Commerce and U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security in Washington, D.C. David is often invited to speak at forums, has done radio interviews and contributes to ACAMS Today.