The Offices of Bayard Rock

When first-time guests visit our office on the 54th floor of the Empire State Building, they are awe-inspired by the view. On a clear day, you can gaze out onto Chelsea, lower Manhattan, the new World Trade Center, Hudson Bay, the Statue of Liberty, Jersey City, the Verrazano Bridge, Staten Island, and beyond. To the left, you can clearly see the East Village, Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge. Continuing a bit further east, using our binoculars, you can just about see the beaches of Coney Island. We always encourage visitors to take pictures and soak up the famous landscape.

View from Bayard Rock's office

The view from our office is spectacular, in any season, day or night or in any weather. Yes, even in rainy weather, as we are in the clouds, gazing out the window is mesmerizing.

Although having an Empire State Building address is kind of swanky, the atmosphere inside the Bayard Rock suite is casual and hospitable. Go ahead and help yourself to the pantry, which is kept well-stocked with staff favorites. Our fully-equipped granite countertop kitchen has a world class cappuccino/espresso machine, stainless steel refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave.

With the help of interior design firm, Schrimmer Design, the Bayard Rock office suite is simple and sophisticated. There are seven offices, two conference rooms and a ‘working lunch’ room. Each office and conference room is equipped with a Clarus Whiteboard and an adjustable desk that raises and lowers for either a sitting or standing position. The monitors are fully adjustable to any comfortable viewing angle. The furniture is black and chrome and the accent colors are gold and red, representing both Bayard Rock and Safe Banking Systems.

The Culture

Blazing the trail towards modern work ethics, Bayard Rock employees have always enjoyed an envious work-life-in-balance philosophy.   We all have the highest standards when it comes to our performance at work, but we all have other external interests, families to raise, personal goals to achieve.  At Bayard Rock, it is all possible.

This is not a suit and tie environment, unless you’d prefer to wear a suit and tie. At Bayard Rock, we support individualism and encourage everyone be comfortable and professional.  You’re here because of your skills, knowledge, enthusiasm, not your tailor.

Bayard Rock employees are equipped with the tools they need to optimally perform, whether at the office, home office or on the road. We enjoy a generous benefits package and annual performance bonus.

Every year, the employees and spouses gather for a post-holiday feast, where we proudly celebrate our year’s achievements. When we get together, we are like family.